IWSG: When Did I Want To Be A Writer

I honestly, I don’t remember deciding for the first time to be a writer.  It seems like it was something I was a part of who I was.

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I can remember  as a child of maybe nine or ten, sitting down in my room one Saturday afternoon and writing a story. I was proud of myself. Even now, I can remember the feeling I had when I had written the words “The End”. I don’t remember what the story was, but the feeling of accomplishment still lingers. I remember thinking that day, I’m going to write a book. Even as an avid reader, many times while walking around the library looking for a book to read, I found myself thinking that one day my name will be on a book sitting on a library bookshelf.

In high school, I took classes on writing. I even wrote a short story as a classroom assignment. For the first time in my life, I saw how hard it was to write, but I still enjoyed the journey. I still had the “one day I will write a book” dream. I truly believe that if I had the internet back then, with the online writing opportunity that I have today, I would have bloomed as a writer a lot sooner. But there was no such opportunity back in the 70’s, so when I was finished with the class the dream of being a writer was once again put on a shelf.

It wouldn’t be until I got out of the army and back home that I would once again look at the idea of being a writer. I found magazines that talked about the writing life. I read those magazines cover to cover. I wished and dreamt of the writing life. I still didn’t take that next step and started doing anything.

I think that is when the fear of not being good enough that anybody would actually read anything I wrote, took root.

Fear can be crippling.

Fear can hold you back.

Fear can keep you from fulfilling dreams.

It would be another two decades, when the internet had taken off before I would finally sit down and start to write stories. It wasn’t until I wrote the words “the end” to my first finished romance novel that I remembered that day when I was nine or ten. Things had come full circle for me.

It was then a light bulb had turned on. If I wanted to be a writer, then I needed to write. So, I bought a notebook, a pack of pencils and started to write. I am the odd one who always had a notebook with me. I am the odd one who spends their breaks scribbling in a notebook, while everybody else was gossiping about Jo Blow co-worker.

Looking back I see that it has been a very long journey. It took me a very long time to figure out that the reward a writer receives for their work doesn’t just drop out of the sky. A writer has to sit down and pull their story out of their head and put it on paper or a computer screen.

If you are like me and have dreamt of writing a book, I am here to tell you to stop dreams and start doing. You will be glad you did. I know I am.


I Am Grateful For The Three Things I Can See

It is important for each one of us to take time out of our lives to quietly reflect on what it is we are grateful for.


I am grateful for the rainbow I see in the sky after a rainstorm. For me; that rainbow symbolizes a promise.

I am grateful for the beauty of nature I see while either traveling or watching a nature show on tv. The really cool thing about this, is you can see nature’s beauty any place on earth. How cool is that?

I am grateful for seeing my family. Family is identity. Family is support. Family is an extension or representation of who you are. If you can see your family today, it means you have been blessed with another moment to be with them.

What are you grateful for today?


Another month has come and gone.  Fall is in the air.  I can feel a definite fall chill in the air.  Can you?


The beginning of every month I sit down and reflect on the previous month and look ahead to a new month.  During that time, I set goals that I wish to meet by the end of the new month.  It is my way to keep myself on course with life and such.

What are my goals this month? Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Weight loss.  I have been on a weight loss plan since January. When I started, I was tipping the scale at right around 280.  I felt like crap.  I looked like crap, in that I hated looking at myself in the mirror.  It was well past time for change.  I spent the month of January keeping a food journal, so when February rolled around, I started myself on the road to change.  I started drinking more, portioning out my food, and getting up off my fat ass more.  I am proud to say that as we edge closer to the last quarter of the year, I have made progress.  I weighed in at 249.  34 pounds lost.  Now if that don’t rock.  I am putting together a monthly series to help people in my position weight wise.  When that will start, I can’t say.  I’m just going to put it out there.  My weight loss goal for September is to lose 5 pounds.
  • Writing.  I spent the summer getting my writing notes, excerpts, outlines, etc, etc organized and onto Notebook.  I have an ipad now, which means my writing can go wherever I go.  I have also joined wattpad.  I had a couple projects up, but have since taken them down for edits.  I have also narrowed my focus as far as what genre I was going to write in.  Originally, I wanted to write everything under the sun.  Sorry folks, but that isn’t for me. I was disorganized.  My writing was crap. And I wasn’t producing anything.  I narrowed myself down to writing fantasy.  And that is where I will be staying.  It is what I want to read.  It is what I want to right.  I have set a challenge before me that will carry me through the rest of the year and probably into 2018, as well.  I have challenged myself to write 1,000,000 words of quality fiction.  Fiction worthy of posting onto wattpad.
  • Blogging.  This is not my first foray into blogging, but each time I started, I burned out.  The excitement fizzled and I stopped.  I looked back at what I had been doing in the past that could be, and need to be, changed. I was blogging to much.  While, I would love to blog each and every day, I can’t do it.  I have set myself to blog twice a week, with the option to add in an extra post or two, if I so desire.  So, there is that.

What are your goals for the month of September?


I Can Feel The Change

There are three stages to every season.

There is the beginning, where we look forward the temperature change, warm or cold.

Then there is the middle of the season.  By this time, we are over the excitement of the sun, snow, cold, whatever, and we want change to come yesterday.

Then there is the end of the season.  During this part of the season, we begin to notice the temperature change, and the length of the daylight changing.

Summer is winding down and I can almost  feel fall in the air.


No longer do the days last long.  No longer are the mornings carry the sweet cool of summer.  The mornings these days carry the coolness of fall.

Today marks the beginning of a new month, September. Seems like 2017 is flying by fast.  Too fast.  For me, September marks the end of summer.  Summer is my favorite time of the year.  The days are warm and carefree.  Many childhood memories are filled with those lazy days I spent at home.

As summer slowly fades into fall and school starts, I think of those school days of  my own childhood.  It is funny, I graduated way back in 1976, and the idea of starting back to school still lingers.  Funny how some things stay with you a lifetime.

What is your favorite thing about this time of year?


Life Without Regret

Do you have any regrets? You know those things you wish you had never said or did. Or. Things you wish you had said or did, but didn’t. I think we can say yes to both of those questions.

But I do believe we can life of little or no regrets. How is that possible? How can it be done? I have a few ideas:


  • Realize that it’s okay to make mistakes. Realize that as humans we are not perfect, no matter how much of a perfectionist we may think we are. We may say or do things that at the time we thought was right, but later see it wrong. View those mistakes and such as a life lesson, learn from it, and move forward.
  • Practice Forgiveness. Forgiving someone for a wrong doesn’t mean the pain and hurt they caused will go away. It also doesn’t mean that person is excused from the deed. Forgiving someone of a wrong done to you, released you from carrying the weight of anger and hurt. Science has proven that unforgiveness and bitterness isn’t healthy.
  • Keep your work at work. The only one who can understand office politics and drama is the one working in the middle of it. Leave all that craziness and nonsense at your  workspace when the work day is done. Doing this will help keep you healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Find the humor in life. Having a sense of humor goes along ways.       Don’t be afraid to laugh and joke if something doesn’t go your way. Doing this will give you a new perspective of the situation and relieve enough stress and tension that bad situation may have caused for you to think clearly enough for a plan B.
  • Think for yourself. I have been told that many people want to be thought for, and to few people think for themselves. Be one of the few who think for themselves. God knows humanity need new ideas. Be the one to come up with a new idea to make life both easier and better.
  • Be adventurous. Don’t be afraid to try something new and different. It can be something as simple as a new food or restaurant to something as complex or new or as dangerous as skydiving. Whatever is on your bucket list, do it. Don’t have a bucket list? Make one. The sky is the limit when it comes to bucket lists.
  • Follow you dream. Do you have a dream that is near and dear to your heart?       Do you have a dream that you have held for a very long time? Are you doing anything to turn that dream into a reality. If not, why? Today is the day to stop dreaming and start doing.

Are you living a life without regret?

Make Me Smile

What has made you smile today?  Something you saw on tv?  Something you thought?  Or was it something someone said to you?

What made you smile today?



If nothing has made you smile today, I want you to go stand in front of the mirror and smile at yourself.

What has made me smile today?  I have two dogs.  I’m not much of a dog person, I much rather have a cat.  But, right now, I have dogs.  Those dogs have brought me unexpected joy.  The dogs greet me when I step out the front door in the morning, and they are there waiting for me when I come home from work each evening.

Both dogs were waiting for me when I came home from work today.  I was tired.  It had been a more stressful day than normal.  But when those two dogs met me at the car as I was getting out, I felt all that stress and everything else that goes with that all fall away.   I ended up walking into the house to my husband with a smile on my face.

Find something to smile about today.

Dream Big, Or Go Home

I walked into the store with great trepidation.  I had two dollars in my hand and big dreams in my head.  The Powerball Jackpot was up to $700 million and I just knew deep in my heart that fate was telling me I was going to win.

I didn’t use any magic formula to come up with winning numbers.  Who needs magic when fate has already dictated the outcome? So, it was easy to put the money into the kiosk and select powerball quickpick and be on my way.

I walked out of the store spending that money each step of the way back to my car.  There would be money given to all the sisters and brothers.  All the nieces and nephews would get a piece of the pie.  There would be new cars to be bought, then new homes.  All the trips I would be able to take.  

Maybe.  Just maybe.  I’ll even run for president.  I can’t do as bad as the current guy in office, right.

Then the hard luck letters will come.  I mean you win a big lottery jackpot, people pay attention to that stuff.  People think you should share.  Can’t say I blame them.  That is sinful amount of money to get handed to you without having to work for it.  

I could set up a blog for that.  Call it Dear Lottery Winner.  

But then, there is reality.

Reality is, I will probably go to bed tonight without checking my numbers.  

Reality is, I will wake up as poor and broke as I was the day before.  And if I did happen to match any numbers, my winnings just might buy me lunch off the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

Reality is, winning a huge amount of money is more of a curse than a blessing.  Don’t believe me, research it.

But for now, I dream and I dare to dream big.